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 Questions and Answers


I'm available anytime to discuss any particular situation you may wish me to facilitate and as a duty of care I always run through the legal requirements of my role and the terms and conditions that may be applicable.


When do I pay the deposit?


The deposit is due within 7 days of my appointment as your celebrant. A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.



What if my wedding is cancelled or changed?


I am more than happy to transfer your original booking date to any date that I am available, free of charge. If the wedding is cancelled the balance is no longer due but the deposit is non refundable and these terms are located on the invoice depending on the notice time given and amount paid these may vary.


When is the balance due?


The balance is due between 30 and 14 days prior to the event. I do not accept cash payments on the day as all paperwork will be prepared in advance. I will provide a full summary of fee's and invoice.



What paperwork do I need?


I will take you step by step through all relevant paper work and times they must be submitted. Upon our first meeting I will provide you with a reference guide and time frames to work within. Certain documents such as the notice of intended Marriage I will complete with you at least 30 days prior to your marriage date. I can assist you with any questions at all times.


Passports, Non Citizens , Witnesses, and Legal Questions.


I conduct my business in accordance with the highest conduct and professionalism. During our discussions I will walk you through each step and every question you have to ensure you are comfortable and educated on any legal requirements.

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