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Marriage Ceremony


 "When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody,


you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"




Vows and ceremonies are extremely personal. I do things a little different and don't use tired or copied scripts. I write each ceremony from scratch to the values and journey of each couple I work with to ensure its a perfect reflection of your lives together.


Be it funny, intimate or modern there is nothing better than a ceremony you look back on that was a true reflection of your lives and values. 


When it comes to Vows i can offer to share some I have written for inspiration with a Youthful and Modern twist, I also offer my time to you both to catch up and do my vows workshop to help you create the perfect words.


Located in the flourishing CBD, I also offer a popular and unique 'short and sweet' marriage service that's personal, intimate and fun.

Please read many fantastic reviews, so you can have confidence in the professionalism and caliber of my work. I encourage you to leave a review for me after your wedding.


 Marriage Ceremony Inclusions


Below is a list of inclusions for your Marriage Ceremony. 


Not only am I very good value, I also offer free of charge my world famous vows workshop to help couples mold the perfect words into something well structured and sincere.


Feel free to discuss with me any idea's or inclusions you would like. I will help you design and bring to life the ceremony that fit's you both perfectly..


Simply leave your details on my contact page or call, email or text me anytime.



Initial consultation at a time and place suitable to you. This is the time to plan and develop your ceremony and talk through the legal's required. I can walk you through each stage step by step and put together all your information to get started. For speed and accuracy I use the Birth, Deaths and Marriage online portal.
I will hand write of your wedding ceremony to the tone and values that represent your style as a couple. I have a professional and easy process to ensure we capture the essence of what you both have in mind. 
Wedding rehearsal if booked to run through logistics so your ceremony runs smoothly. Who stands where, names of your guests, who's holding the rings and so on. This way I can direct the ceremony for you with certainty and you can be at ease knowing its all organised.
I will provide a PA at your request and always free of charge. I have a high quality system that can be charged to run up to 20 hours and come with wireless microphones for logistical ease. This can be used with Bluetooth to play any music you wish during the ceremony.
The ceremony will be conducted at the venue of your choice. You will be provided with a wealth of options and advice to assist in choosing the perfect venue should you not have one in mind.
I will solemnise your marriage in accordance with Law and fulfill all my requirements and time frames to lodge your paperwork.
If you need me anytime...just call, email or text.
I won't charge you extra for travel if I accept your booking unless agreed upon at the time.
I will lodge your paperwork electronically to increase accuracy and speed of processing
I will include any ritual free of charge and can personalise this anyway you like.
Slide Into My DMs

Thank you, I will get back to you shortly. Cheers Benn

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