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Your Ceremonies



I offer a professional and quality range of individual ceremonies.
Click on the sub headings to browse through my available service. With your ideal ceremony in mind, we can start to create a meaningful and tailor made service.
I am available for "Flash" ceremonies as you will discover on my Vow Renewal page and Flash Wedding page. I can be booked for conferences and international events. Thank you to Clark Rubber whom booked me for their conference in Fiji to perform my unique brand of "Flash" Vow Renewals for their group booking. It was a pleasure to accommodate and I wrote each couples vow's on the day once I'd had the pleasure of spending and hour together to be as individual and meaningful as possible.
People remember a ceremony because of what it brought to them individually. Creating something that touches and involves your loved ones is the purest way to captivate and impress your audience. 
It is within the details as to what everyone relates to.  In addition to accent and mark your occasion, you will be provided a unique range of added inclusions from sand ceremony to unity candles and more.
Click and discover....


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