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Circa, The deck St Kilda Wedding

Hey Benn,

Sam and I wanted to once again thank you for doing such an amazing job at our wedding. Sorry it has taken us so long to reply and give you some feedback! We actually wanted to wait until we had some wedding pics to show you, but we are still waiting on our photographer to send them...

There are only positive things to say about you mate, from your chilled out approach (sipping gin+t's at your place) to having everything planned perfectly on the day, we could not have been happier. We obviously wanted a more relaxed and modern approach to the ceremony and you were definitely able to deliver this. You were always extremely efficient when replying to emails and always had ideas that we could use/bounce off. Helping us with our vows was also awesome, as it is not an easy task and your guidance was much appreciated.

Many of our family and friends rated the ceremony and your speech so highly, even my auntie from the country (pretty set in her old ways) was extremely complementary of you! Keep doing what you are doing and do not change your friendly approach. You are a legend.

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