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Benn Stone Celebrant - My Mug On Your Fridge!

I recently saw a post from a good friend of mine who runs a business call

I was delighted to see Sandy and Haim's fridge full of photos of their wedding, to which I was their celebrant and a nice comment about my mug being on their fridge!

I thought this was funny because I have since worked with at other weddings and my fridge is also full of photos taken by these guys and you will notice this on photo 3, SO!

If any one wants a photo of my mug printed on an awesome magnet as seen in photo 4, please screen shot and send to Haim or Sandy at Magnet me and they will print you a free magnet

(and I have in no way discussed this with them)

and send it to you so you too may enjoy my mug on your fridge!

Pre orders are available to @musicwithmemories cause Shannon is always telling me he wishes he could see my mug everyday.

Support our wedding industry and suppliers cause we all need a little love right now, and my mug on your fridge may just be the way forward.

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