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Audio Guests Book Wedding Hire Melbourne

RING RING ☎️☎️ It's official!!

I now have Audio Guest Books available to my customers 😀📞🎤

It is an absolute hit, as you can see from the videos! (watch and listen, sound on)

It's only $130 in my package when you have booked a DJ, MC, or Photobooth service... so hit me up to add it on.

Comes with;

Easy to understand signage ✅️

A personal recorded greeting by you 📞🤵‍♂️👰

An audio gallery of all the guest messages after the event ✨️🎉

7000 minutes or recording time and is cleaned and sanitised after every event! 🧨🎈🎉🎖

I will set it up and make sure the guests know about it for you and let the laughs roll in!

There is something very special about hearing a voice... especially after a few drinks!!


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