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Benn Stone, Fun , Cool, Young and Hip Celebrant!

Unfortunately Benn didn't come recommended. I had to discover this gem by chance.

In my desperate search to find a celebrant, I was frantically calling and leaving messages with as many male celebrants as possible. Thank goodness Benn returned my message and my fiancée and I agreed to meet and greet over a phone call. I will never forget the way my fiancée and I literally looked at each other from across our dining table and gestured "he's the one" to each other.

We didn't need to meet in person to know with certainty that Benn had to be locked in. His vibrant and relatable nature could be felt and we knew the journey of preparing for our wedding ceremony would be respected and executed with ease and smiles.

My anxieties with being the centre of attention had my fiancée and I requesting that we formally marry before the wedding day. Benn accommodated these needs and kindly agreed to marry us at a crazy hour of 2am on New Years Day!!

The way Benn represents his brand and delivers his passion for celebrating love, made us proud to have Benn part of our memories. There's nothing Benn can't conquer if requested and the way he seamlessly blends in with guests and service providers had me realising this was just as important as the service he provides for the Bride and Groom. This should be a consideration and requirement for future Brides and Grooms when searching for their ideal celebrant. I'm biased of course however, I urge couples to have an initial chat with Benn to experience the difference.

Benn, you are simply sublime!


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