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Let's talk about, Value, Pricing and cheap celebrant's!

So price price price! that's what we all hear and think about our wedding day right!? How do i get the best price, for the best providers that fits my imagination and satisfies my dreams for my big day! Well it's totally do-able, sure there are cheap and expensive...well everything to do with weddings out there so just remember to shop around but more importantly approach people with your might find full time specialist suppliers are accommodating and structuring their pricing towards people just like yourselves.

I know i do! This is not a job for me, it's a career and i listen and work with my couple's budget's, i make sure i have a reason why i charge what i do ( and my prices are listed on my pricing page for all to see ) but i'm also value conscious... because if it were me i would want to find the right balance of value and quality! So my story today ends with this ( and a review ) I did a wedding recently and the groom Ryan said..Hey Benn i had a chat with my friend and he is looking for a cool and experienced celebrant like you. He asked me how much and i said about a $1000 or so, his friend said oh! probs just a little too expensive for us.

Ryan said yeah but he's also our MC for 6 hours after the wedding and that included music, hand written ceremony, hand written vows, rehearsal and writing all the MC material for the night...his friend said, what's his number!! I'm proud to say i have prices from $300 to $1000 and everything that works in between :)...oh and here is Ryan's review;

Benn is an absolute legend! Our day was perfect with the special help of Benn. Extremely professional, organised, calm and well presented. Would highly recommend. Ryan & Liz xo

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