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And..the award goes to!

We had Benn as our celebrant for our December wedding and we cannot recommend him

more as a wedding celebrant.

Our wedding preparations were far from the ordinary, as having a fiancé living overseas at

the time, and trying to find an understanding and accommodating celebrant on your own

was an experience it itself. When I first met Benn he was more than helpful and considerate

to our requirements, and I knew he would be the one to wed us on our special day.

We had the 'short & sweet' ceremony, as our main wedding will be held overseas, so we

didn't want too much involved in the ceremony, which Benn was very helpful to our needs.

His ceremonies are all class and he knows how to make you feel special, and with his down

to earth and understanding nature it felt more like a friend was marrying us, despite only

meeting my partner 2 days before the wedding! So thanks Benn for making it a very

memorable and meaningful day for us both. Thanks for all the help from that cold winters

night in July, having a drink with us on our special day to getting our certificate in such timely

fashion, we cannot be more grateful for your efforts.

If there was an Oscar for celebrants, I’d say Benn would be an outstanding & deserving

winner. He says he’s a 9.3/4 out of 10, we think he’s a 10!

Mr & Mrs P

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