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Melbourne Wedding Celebrant

Benn - our celebrant, MC and DJ extraordinaire or the triple threat as he likes to call himself. From the first time I spoke to Benn he exuded calm while still being efficient and professional at every turn. He replied to emails quickly and no question was ever too much. Benn made the daunting process of planning a wedding all the more manageable.

Then came our wedding day, he rocked on in with an air of calm and I was instantly at ease. Not long later he came across an issue and instead of just dumping the problem on me he came armed with a solution that he had already put into play and the fact this is what Benn does day in and day out continued to show throughout the day/evening.

Queue the scheduled end of our reception and most of our guests departed but did Benn just pack up and head on his merry way? Nope! We requested he stay on to entertain the remaining guests and he so gratuitously obliged without a second thought.

Benn we can't thank you enough for everything you put into making our special day flow as it did, you are a legend!

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