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Benn Stone Melbourne Celebrant, DJ, MC, With Photobooths!

The Perfect Trio of Celebrant, MC, and DJ!

From the moment we began planning our wedding, we knew that finding the right celebrant, MC, and DJ would be pivotal to creating the atmosphere we dreamed of. Fortunately, we found Benn who was the perfect package of all Three!

Benn's approach as a celebrant was nothing short of exceptional. He brought a sense of humor that resonated with all our guests, ensuring that our ceremony was not only meaningful but also filled with joy and laughter. His professionalism shone through in every aspect – from the way he interacted with us and our guests to his flawless execution of the ceremony.

As an MC, Benn was the lifeblood of our reception. He had a remarkable ability to read the room and adjust the mood accordingly. His engaging personality kept our guests entertained and involved, making everyone feel like an integral part of our special day.

His music selection was impeccable, catering to all ages and tastes, and keeping the dance floor alive and bustling. He was able to take in our requests for songs, and add a flavour that made it a great time for all dancing!

But what set Benn apart was his dedication to adding a personal touch. He took the time to get to know us, our story, and our preferences, which was reflected in every part of the ceremony and reception. This personalization made our wedding feel unique and deeply special to us.

Cannot recommend Benn enough for your special day.


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