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10 things you need to know about Drone Wedding photography.

You’ve successfully snagged the wedding venue of your dreams and now you’re looking for the best way to capture it in all its glory. Consider using a drone. These image-capturing aircraft's are the latest trend in the bridal market and may be just the ticket for scoring cinematic quality aerial footage. Here is ten hot tips for you....

1, Drones can be disruptive.

2. Drone photography is often an add-on photography cost

3. Not every venue is drone-friendly.

4. Make sure you have serious time to capture shots.

5. Drones can’t fly in bad weather.

6. High winds will keep drones grounded.

7. Insurance is a good idea.

8. Check beforehand about permits.

9. A knowledgeable operator is very important.

10. The possibilities will blow the traditional wedding album out of the water.

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